Get Ready to Celebrate New Orleans Mardi Gras

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It’s that time of year again, Mardi Gras! This mid-winter festival celebrates Fat Tuesday, the day before Lent. During New Orleans Mardi Gras, parades and celebrations line the streets, and locals and visitors alike gather to enjoy the festivities throughout the first two weeks of February. Grab a beignet an head on down!

2018 New Orleans Mardi Gras Parade Schedule

Friday, February 2

  • French Quarter
    • Krewe of Cork 3:00pm
  • Uptown New Orleans
    • Krewe of Oshun 6:00pm
    • Krewe of Cleopatra 6:30pm
  • Metairie
    • Krewe of Excalibur 7:30pm

Saturday, February 3

  • Uptown New Orleans
    • Krewe of Pontchartrain 1:00pm
    • Knights of Sparta 6:00pm
    • Krewe of Pygmalion follows
  • Metairie
    • Krewe of Caesar 6:00pm

Sunday, February 4

  • Uptown New Orleans
    • The Mystic Krewe of Femme Fatale 11:00am

Wednesday, February 7

  • Uptown New Orleans
    • Krewe of Druids 6:30pm
    • Krewe of Nyx 7:00pm

Thursday, February 8

  • Route Uptown New Orleans
    • Knights of Babylon 5:30pm
    • Knights of Chaos 6:15pm
    • Krewe of Muses 6:30pm

Friday, February 9

  • French Quarter
    • Krewe of Bosom Buddies 11:30am
  • Uptown New Orleans
    • Krewe of Hermes 6:00pm
    • Krewe d’Etat 6:30pm
    • Krewe of Morpheus 7:00pm
  • Metairie
    • Krewe of Centurions 7:00pm

 Saturday, February 10

  • Uptown New Orleans
    • Krewe of Iris 11:00am
    • Krewe of Tucks 12:00pm
  • Route Mid-City
    • Super Krewe of Endymion 4:15pm
  • Metairie
    • Krewe of Isis 6:30pm

Sunday, February 11

  • Uptown New Orleans
    • Krewe of Okeanos 11:00am
    • Krewe of Mid-City 11:45am
    • Krewe of Thoth 12:00pm
    • Krewe of Bacchus 5:15pm
  • Metairie
    • Corps de Napoleon 5:00pm
    • Krewe of Athena 5:30pm
    • Krewe of Pandora 6:30pm

Monday, February 12

  • Uptown New Orleans
    • Krewe of Proteus 5:15pm
    • Krewe of Orpheus 6:00pm

Tuesday, February 13

  • Uptown New Orleans
    • Krewe of Zulu 8:00am
    • Krewe of Rex 10:00am
    • Krewe of Elks Orleans follows
    • Krewe of Crescent City follows
  • Metairie
    • Krewe of Argus 10:00am
    • Krewe of Elks Jefferson follows
    • Krewe of Jefferson follows
  • Covington
    • Krewe of Lyra 10:00am

Events to Explore

  • Krewe Of Rex Parade: The Krewe of Rex, established in 1872, is responsible for establishing gold, green, and purple as the official colors of Mardi Gras.
  • Krewe of Muses: On February 8th, be sure to check out Krew of Muses, which was named after the daughters of Zeus. This is one of the biggest and most popular events of the season, particularly because of the Muses Shoes. Each year the Muses decorate and bedazzle shoes, turning them into works of art, which they toss to the crowds.
  • Super Krewes: The largest Parades of Mardi Gras begin on February 10th with the Krewe of Endymion in Mid-City followed by Bacchus, Orpheus, Zulu, and Rex.

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