My Check Engine Light Went On—Now What?

August 13th, 2018 by

Check Engine Light

The “check engine light” is one of the few car troubles virtually all Metairie drivers panic about, but the mechanics at the Leson Chevrolet service center are here to help. First: don’t panic. Then:

  1. Pull over to the side of the road or find a parking lot.
  2. Read this guide.
  3. Visit your trusted service center as soon as possible.

Why is My Check Engine Light On?

We can’t answer this specifically until a technician can investigate your vehicle, but these are some of the most common causes for a check engine light to turn on:


Potential Risks if Unserviced

Oxygen sensor replacement warning
  • Lower fuel economy
  • Spark plug and catalytic converter damage
Loose, damaged, or no gas cap
  • Lower fuel economy
Airflow sensor replacement warning
  • Won’t pass emission test
  • Worse performance and efficiency
Catalytic converter replacement warning
  • Damage to catalytic converter, oxygen sensors, spark plugs, etc.
  • Worse performance and efficiency
Spark plug replacement warning
  • Worse performance and efficiency
  • Damage to plugs, catalytic converter, oxygen sensors, ignition coils


How to Reset a Check Engine Light

Many of our New Orleans drivers have asked us how to reset a check engine light, but that’s not really a question we can answer for two reasons:

  • Resetting a check engine light won’t fix the problem, and it will eventually turn back on.
  • Simply turning off the light means a driver won’t worry as much about fixing a potentially serious problem.

Why is My Check Engine Light Blinking?

Depending on your make and model, your light could be blinking for the same reason someone else’s check engine light could turn on and stay on. It could also be an intermittent problem or something that only occurs during start-up. In short, if your check engine light is flashing or blinking, you should take it as seriously as your check engine light being on.

Can I Troubleshoot My Check Engine Light?

One of the most common reasons the check engine light comes on is a failure to tighten the gas cap well enough, so that’s the first thing you should check. If you’re a good DIY handyperson, then you might be able to take care of some of the other fixes (hopefully with genuine parts), but otherwise it’s a good idea to bring it to a pro near Harvey who can read the particular system code and investigate what the problem could be.

Bring Your Car in For Service Near Harvey

The longer your check engine light is on, the more damage the problem could do to your vehicle, and we don’t want that. If your check engine light has turned on recently, bring your car in for service at Leson Chevrolet, where we have a full team of factory-trained and certified Chevrolet technicians who can run diagnostics tests, handle repairs, and get your car running again in no time—you can even schedule your service appointment online, or contact our service team with questions.

Leson Chevrolet Service Specials

Transmission Flush

Includes: Flushes contaminated fluid from transmission, torque converter, transmission cooler and cooler lines and refills with fresh transmission fluid.

*See Dealership for Full Details

Fuel Injector Service

Includes:Flush fuel injectors to remove any contaminants inside or outside the injector that impede fuel flow or degrade fuel spray pattern. Install Fuel tank additive. Price includes: Parts and labor. Does not include tax and shop supplies.

*See Dealership for Full Details

Fuel System Tune Up

Includes: Fuel system tune up and induction combo service includes: Cleaning fuel lines, fuel injectors, intake valves, combustion chambers, throttle plate and valve. Also includes the install of latest (PCM) software calibration

*See Dealership for Full Details

Rain X Headlight Polish

Includes: Cleans and Removes dull appearance. Enhances headlight brightness. Prevents replacement of headlight assembly.

*See Dealership for Full Details

Hand Wash Service

Includes: Wash, Vacuum, Dress Tires, Cleans door jams, Clean dash board panel, Clean windows. Dress Wheel Openings

*Plus Tax.


Repels Water, Improves Weather Visibility, Helps remove bugs

*Plus Tax

Hunting Season Special

4×4 Package Service

Includes: Front Differential Service, Rear differential Service, Transfer Case Service

*Only original GM Parts and fluids used in this service. Price includes: Parts and labor. Does not include tax and shop supplies.

Complete Car/Truck Detail PKG
$99.00 Car
$119.00 Truck

Includes: Wash, Wax, Engine cleaning, Interior detailing, Dress wheel openings, Clean windows, Clean trunk area, Carpet cleaning, Vacuum, Clean door jams Our vehicles are Hand Washed!!!!!

*See Dealership for Full Details

Diesel Fuel Induction Service

Includes:Designed to clean the fuel system on diesel engines without mechanical strip-down of the injectors or the pump. This service will restore the vehicle’s performance, fuel economy, and reduce harmful exhaust emissions. Diesel engines equipped with Exhaust Gas Recirculation are infamous for the formation and accumulation of fuel residues that plug up the EGR valve and carbon deposits in the

*See Dealership for Full Details

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