Service Specials

It’s crucial to keep your car in top condition, but vehicle service can also be quite stressful. At Leson Chevrolet, it’s our goal to make service as stress-free as possible – that’s why we offer rotating auto service coupons for Harvey area drivers. Next time you need to bring your Chevrolet in for a transmission flush or another regular maintenance procedure, you can rest assured that you aren’t spending more than necessary. Be sure to check out our oil change specials and auto repair coupons before scheduling service at our state-of-the-art service department!

Transmission Flush

Includes: Flushes contaminated fluid from transmission, torque converter, transmission cooler and cooler lines and refills with fresh transmission fluid.

*See Dealership for Full Details

Fuel Injector Service

Includes:Flush fuel injectors to remove any contaminants inside or outside the injector that impede fuel flow or degrade fuel spray pattern. Install Fuel tank additive. Price includes: Parts and labor. Does not include tax and shop supplies.

*See Dealership for Full Details

Fuel System Tune Up

Includes: Fuel system tune up and induction combo service includes: Cleaning fuel lines, fuel injectors, intake valves, combustion chambers, throttle plate and valve. Also includes the install of latest (PCM) software calibration

*See Dealership for Full Details

Rain X Headlight Polish

Includes: Cleans and Removes dull appearance. Enhances headlight brightness. Prevents replacement of headlight assembly.

*See Dealership for Full Details

Hand Wash Service

Includes: Wash, Vacuum, Dress Tires, Cleans door jams, Clean dash board panel, Clean windows. Dress Wheel Openings

*Plus Tax.


Repels Water, Improves Weather Visibility, Helps remove bugs

*Plus Tax

Hunting Season Special

4×4 Package Service

Includes: Front Differential Service, Rear differential Service, Transfer Case Service

*Only original GM Parts and fluids used in this service. Price includes: Parts and labor. Does not include tax and shop supplies.

Complete Car/Truck Detail PKG
$99.00 Car
$119.00 Truck

Includes: Wash, Wax, Engine cleaning, Interior detailing, Dress wheel openings, Clean windows, Clean trunk area, Carpet cleaning, Vacuum, Clean door jams Our vehicles are Hand Washed!!!!!

*See Dealership for Full Details

Diesel Fuel Induction Service

Includes:Designed to clean the fuel system on diesel engines without mechanical strip-down of the injectors or the pump. This service will restore the vehicle’s performance, fuel economy, and reduce harmful exhaust emissions. Diesel engines equipped with Exhaust Gas Recirculation are infamous for the formation and accumulation of fuel residues that plug up the EGR valve and carbon deposits in the

*See Dealership for Full Details