Black Book vs. Blue Book Trade-In Value Meaning

Our team at Leson Chevrolet Company, Inc. can help you get the best trade-in value for your vehicle! We use a black book calculator to provide the most updated trade-in value. We want to provide Marrero and Gretna drivers with the best value for their vehicle. 

What is the trade-in value meaning, though? And what is black book value? Keep reading to learn the difference between black book vs. blue book values with Leson Chevrolet Company, Inc. and get prepared for your next vehicle! If you have other questions, like, “can you trade in a financed car?“, you can chat with our team any time.

Black Book vs. Blue Book – What’s the Difference?

First, let’s start with a brief overview of the black book vs. blue book trade-in value meaning:

  • Black Book: Used more by dealers and provides more accurate and up-to-date information (especially with new car pricing) thanks to weekly MSRP & dealer invoice updates.
  • Blue Book: Used more by consumers because it’s free. It offers a grading scale for vehicle conditions ranging from poor to excellent. KBB Instant Cash Offer adds convenience.

What is Blue Book Value?

Kelley Blue Book is commonly referred to as simply “blue book,” and is one of the main tools used for trade-in valuation. Many car dealers utilize this method because it is free and requires no monthly payment. Four main categories are used to rate cars: excellent, good, fair, and poor. 

However, Blue Book valuation sometimes is on the higher end of what’s considered normal or fair, especially when buying a new vehicle. That being said, if you’re trying to determine the value of your trade-in, you may not get as much as the Blue Book valuation would suggest, which can seem misleading to some Belle Chasse drivers.

What is Black Book Value?

So, what is black book value? Black book trade-in valuation is also commonly used by dealers including our team here at Leson Chevrolet Company, Inc. in Harvey. Usually, it can provide more up-to-date and nuanced information about car and truck transactions than Kelley Blue Book. 

This means the black book valuation is potentially more accurate because Black Book updates the dealer invoice and MSRP of vehicles weekly.

Determine Your Trade-In Value Online Today!

We want to provide you with the most accurate information regarding your vehicle. This is why we aim to provide the most accurate, current information using Black Book values to everyone who does business with us. We also have an online trade-in valuation calculator available, which uses Black Book values to provide you with an easy trade-in estimate. If you are looking for an instant cash offer instead via Blue Book valuation we can also provide that service for added convenience. 

In the meantime, check out our other helpful tips from the finance center, like how to trade in a car with Leson Chevrolet Company, Inc.!


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